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Animated video company – animated video for business

"Our animation production includes commercials, promotional animations and instructional animations, all kinds of multimedia presentations and videos presenting product features."

We specialise in making advertising animations: 2d animations, promotional animations and commercials. Then we create advertising campaigns.

animation + campaign

We are an animated video production company, that creates videos and animations to promote your company. We create and oversee advertising campaigns using video and animation. Our services include:

animations for advertising

We specialise in Both 2D animations and 3D animations, which are universal way to promote and present products and ideas.

explainer videos / promotional animations

A brief, animated explanation of a product, service or a more complicated project.

image and PR animations for Facebook / social media

Videos and animation for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other online social media.

corporate animation

Brief presentations of a company’s activities and work environment.

training animations

Films which aim to present a particular procedure, for example: functioning of an app, website or a program.

multimedia presentations

Informational presentations created by combining images with animated information boards, logos, slogans, pictures, voiceover and music.

product videos / product demo videos

Presentation of a material product. The aim of the product demo video is to show your product’s unique features, abilities and its way of use. It’s a combination of an advertising video and an instruction manual.

advertising campaigns

We create and oversee advertising campaigns using video and animation.

What does cooperation with us look like? How to prepare instructional, corporate, promotional, image-building and other advertising animations?

1. You explain your requirements

You describe what you need and show us what you want to accomplish with the help of animation, as well as send us information about your company, products and services.

2. We come up with a scenario

We prepare a scenario for the animation in line with marketing principles.

3. We create an animation

Different kind of videos and animation for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other online social media. These films improve communication with the business community and showcase a company and its products.

4. We design an advertising campaign

With the help of animations prepared in advance, we put together an advertising campaign, and then promote the animation on the Internet through paid advertising campaigns on Youtube or social media – Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin.

From the very start we would like to put you at ease. If you don’t have a lot of experience with creating advertising in animated formats, you have come to the right place. We are a company that puts an emphasis on understanding your needs and from those produce an animation whose prime purpose is to accomplish your business goal. The production process is really very simple.

They trusted us in advertising productions:

"I recommend Brief Videoproduction! A very good and professional working relationship."

Cris Beniger, Strabag

"We highly recommend Brief Videoproduction, a company that is able to produce a wide range of varied film projects, including the ‘out of the ordinary’, because of their professional attitude, great organisational skills, awareness of their client’s needs, enthusiasm and the support they give in matters of quality.”

Victoria Thompson, Audiostation

"CJR Wind have great experience working with Brief Videoproduction, the professionalism and support was two was words in action. One amazing promotional video was the final result we obtained. Thank you."

Anna Silva, CJR Wind

"The material we acquired is fresh and up-to-date with current trends and this makes it stand out from the competition."

Rebecca Powell, Inforsys

"Open minded, helpful professionals, detail-oriented and simply just awesome people to work with – this makes cooperation easy and, what matters the most, the outcome is always great!"

Hanna Villberg, Lux Express

"I definitely recommend cooperation with Brief Videoproduction. Together we filmed a series of training lectures for doctors – the material stands out because of exceptional quality, interesting shots, thoughtful montage and freshness. Cooperation with Łukasz is superb; he perfectly senses the clients intentions and patiently implements their expectations. Full professionalism!"

Edith Shulman, Dental Skills Institute

"I have worked with Brief Videoproduction for over a year.They produced several films for Blomedia Agency of culinary workshops, organized by major clients in the food industry - Unilever and Dr. Oetker. Each time, our company and our clients were happy with the results, and, as the campaign manager, I was happy with the communication and project delivery.”

Agatha Karlicki, Blomedia

Nest Bank

Looking for a creative and effective animation for your company? We can help!

Our business was set up with the developing medium of the Internet in mind. There is an increasing need to reach clients with a multimedia, internet-based message that makes use of digital video. This communication no longer revolves only around advertising, but instead is increasingly about building a relationship with clients and creating a positive company image. The channels for communication online are among other: YouTube, social media, webpages and online television commercials.

If you want your online multimedia advertising to really take off, click on the contact section and write to us!