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What types of animation in advertising are there?

Product presentation

Photos or a 2D packshot of the chosen product enriched with an animated caption or graphic draw a viewer’s attention. These types of projects are quick and relatively inexpensive; much can be done with them in a similar style if you have a wide range of products in the shop. They are an ideal promotional form on social forums like Facebook or Instagram.

animated explainer video

Graphic elements streamline and accentuate the most important information.

Short presentations for your company or services

Teasers - animations lasting less than a minute - present the main idea of your company and encourage people to become acquainted with your operations. Teasers work exceptionally well as advertising banners, backgrounds or pictures in the backdrop of a web shop, or on social portals.

animated explainer video

Business animations impact the imagination of the viewer.

Explainer video

This is a longer form of animation that has the task of more broadly representing the company’s operations and can showcase several key products. It can take the form of instruction, for example, regarding the operation of the application or presenting the process taking place in the organization (transport, production). It is an excellent choice for the purpose of developing connections with existing or potential clients.

animated explainer video

A professionally prepared business animation guarantees the achievement of a set objective.

Feature explainer videos/advertising case studies

Advertising animations lasting more than a minute, based on the history of a particular event or figure, are a very progressive and subtle form of advertising. These work well in introducing a service, product or company as a ‘friend’, who serves by giving advice and assistance. They are not pushy in getting the message across, thanks to which they build positive feelings in the receiver and build loyalty to the brand.

animated explainer video

The advantage of animation is its accessible format and innovativeness.

Animated caption/logo

The logotype and graphic setting of the company name are its calling cards. Presenting these elements in an animated format decidedly enhances the attractiveness of the visual picture and also ensures that the receiver can better remember the information presented alongside the animation.

animated explainer video

An animated logo stays longer in the viewer’s memory.

Animation for advertising. How long is the production process for advertising animations?

Animation for advertising is a broad concept describing animated films having the purpose of promoting a company, product, service, or given project. Our company specializes in the production of advertising animations - overseeing the whole process – from the preparation of the concept to the production of the animated film for advertising. The chart below depicts an approximate schedule for work on for an advertising animation.

Stage No.
Process Name
Approx. Process Duration

Submission of an appraisal and general concept of the animation

The concept takes the following into consideration: purpose of the animation, target group, references/inspiration, the client’s brand book and budget.

2 working days

Contract preparation

The contract specifies: lead time, copyright transfer, costs, the eventual application of corrections

Approx. 3 days for contract preparation + several days necessary to formulate the wording

Signing the contract

1 working day


Preparation of a detailed script

3 working days

Making corrections to the script, taking the client’s comments into consideration

4 working days


Preparation of static graphics

The graphics will appear in the animation.

4 working days

Making corrections to the appearance of the processed graphics, taking the client’s comments into consideration.

4 working days


Preparation of the animation

Putting the graphics previously prepared into motion

5 working days
Making corrections to the animation.5 working days

The times shown in the chart are for orientation purposes and apply to situations where we work with the client for the first time. For smaller projects lasting up to 30 seconds or with regular cooperation – the execution time is shorter.

A more detailed description of how animated advertising films are prepared is found below.

Stage 1. Submission of an appraisal and general conception of the animation applying to the given appraisal

After the client has sent their questions, we familiarize ourselves with the business activity profile of the client’s company as well as the attributes of the service or product being offered. We establish the purpose of the advertising animation, namely, what will be the effect of its presentation and what is the target audience it needs to reach. In order to achieve the most accurate quote possible, we request that the client send referential productions or other inspirations, so as to help us better understand the client’s expectations. On the basis of this information, we prepare an introductory concept that takes into account the contents and the visual side of the animation.

Stage 2. Contract preparation

After the concept and budget have been accepted we move to the formulation of the contract. It precisely outlines the maximum time it will take to provide a completed advertising animation, as well as illustrating how the demo materials provided will look and the making of corrections. It also regulates financial issues and the transfer of copyright to selected areas of use.

The contract is signed remotely, first by sending a scanned version, and then later the original is sent by post or courier. We may also sign the contract via electronic signature, if that form is acceptable to the client.

Stage 3. Preparation of a detailed script

We request the client to send their brand book with logotypes and examples of previously produced advertising materials. On the basis of previous arrangements, we prepare the animation script - essential contents, detailed purpose of the message, storyline (if there is one), a description of individual scenes, the appearance of figures or objects appearing in the clip, the narrator’s text and other details. Then we consult with the client and make corrections to the script.

Stage 4. Preparation of static graphics for animation

This is the stage where the client has the opportunity to see what the final effect will look like. Our graphic designer conceives static images, which will be brought into motion later by our animator. We prepare a project with figures, objects, captions, logo and other elements to be placed in the scenario. All graphics are stylized to match the brand book.

Stage 5. Preparation of the animation

The final stage is the work which sets in motion the graphics that were prepared earlier. Static objects, depending on the chosen animation model, move in two dimensions – these are 2D animations but can give a three-dimensional effect, for example, an object turning on its axis – much like 3D. The first version of the advertising animation is sent to the client via a service such as WeTransfer, Google Drive or Dropbox after which we wait for comments from the client. As a rule, corrections to the animation are usually done within three days of receiving them. Less time is generally required for the second round of corrections - two working days at most. After the final acceptance of the trial version, we send the client the fully animated version via Internet.

Why is the use of advertising animations desirable in brand marketing communications?

  1. Advertising animation is a modern solution and thus fits well with popular communication channels, streaming services, and social portals such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  2. Animation in advertising gives the possibility of designing moving graphs and charts; consequently they are ideal for communicating essential information about a company.
  3. Animation is a decidedly cheaper and quicker format to produce than film, which requires much greater organizational expenditures, as well as the involvement of a large number of people.
  4. Animation gives the possibility of presenting unrestricted ideas and conceptions. It is possible to show raging elements or characters from a fairy tale without the necessity of investing in a group of actors, make-up artists and scriptwriters.
  5. Animation advertising guarantees content saturation; many ideas, products and information about the company can be presented in a short time through this format.