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Brief Animations - meet our team

Creative Agency + 2D Animation Company

What differentiates us from other companies is the fact that we merge two skill sets. On one hand, we work as a creative agency, thinking up campaign ideas and individual films and animations. Simultaneously we are involved in the creation of paid advertising campaigns using films and animations. On the other hand, we are a 2D animation company that creates films that we previously envisioned. This combination makes it possible to deliver a quick, effective and inexpensive production.

We understand, that you work rapidly, have a defined budget and want to run an effective advertising campaign. In choosing us, you can be certain that the whole process will be carried out quickly and effectively, because not only do we have a great deal of know-how, but all our work is done by a team - from the creative phase, i.e., dreaming up a scenario in line with the company's marketing strategy, through the preparation of the actual animation, to the final advertisement being placed online. Our experience is endorsed by dozens of satisfied clients from a variety of industries, including some of the largest companies working through the whole of Europe.

Custom animation. Why work with us?

1. We provide customized solutions based on your needs

Our goal is to effectively invest your company's budget. A film or animation should fulfil its purpose to the fullest extent and not be an end in itself. Therefore, the most important issue for us is whether it affects the viewer and consequently whether it sells or promotes a given product or service. The visual layer is only there to serve the end purpose.

2. We have extensive marketing knowledge

We are an advertising agency specializing in the production of films and advertising animations. Our knowledge and experience assists in the choice of an appropriate marketing strategy as well as the message of the film or animation used in advertising.

3. We assist and advise

If you have not got experience in the production of advertising films, you have come to the right place. We will help you, step by step, through the entire process of preparing a film or [advertising] animation. With our systematic approach, we make sure that your influence is felt during every stage of the process and that the final decision always belongs to you.

4. We offer reasonable prices

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See what we can do for you! See our advertising animation achievements in the home/portfolio section! To get a precise production estimate - just write to us!