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Product video – why it makes sense

When presenting a product in an online shop, it’s worth adding a full description and high quality photographs. There is a way to bring the viewer closer to the solution he’s looking for, even more effectively. Product video makes the route that companies travel to reach their clients shorter. It makes your sales offer richer, and the shop more attractive. It’s a tried and tested method of reaching your client and being remembered. But let’s start with the basics. Product video is a type of advertising in which the product being presented plays the leading role. Thanks to technological progress and imagination, there are very creative images being shown which make products more appealing for clients, presenting them clearly and in great detail, as if they were within arm’s reach. This can be done in many ways, based on a 360 degree view, for example (known as an interactive packshot), which shows the product from every angle, or alternatively, with 2- or 3-dimensional animations. You can use text with additional images or combine various techniques – anything which makes the image more interesting and attention grabbing. Choosing a background which suits the product and emphasises its attractive features is also important. Expert help can allow you to create a wide variety of images, from breath-taking scenery to huge industrial spaces, warehouses or server rooms – the choice is practically unlimited. All thanks to filming with a green screen or phototent. Apart from the main aim – sales – each project is an individual project, adapted to the specifics of the product and its potential customers. It is their language, sensitivity, needs and style that need to be preserved if the communication is to be effective.

animated explainer video

A product film is a priceless source of information for a potential client.

Be seen and be memorable

Video presentations of a product or service are more and more popular with online shops. Apart from the promotional and advertising value, this also takes a weight off the sales team’s shoulders – there is a lot of information in the material, and so your offer is presented in a very comprehensive way. To focus on the promotional value for a minute, though, it is worth explaining that apart from product video, there are also other ways to present your product on video. Some are purely about sales (advertisements), or about promoting the company (its mission, history, values and aims) or image building (reports of events - training sessions, promotions). Some, though, are made with the aim of communicating knowledge and putting the company in an expert role, for example training and instructional videos, which are a valuable source of knowledge for the viewer. Product video in a sense combines both levels, giving specific information about a particular service or solution, its features, specifications, parameters and method of use.

What are the advantages of using product video?

The easiest answer would be “lots”. But let’s take them one at a time. Product video quite simply makes good financial sense. Just as it makes sense to look after your clients, show them that they are important to your company, and – at the same time – motivate them to buy. If I don’t like being in a particular online shop – that’s very bad news – if I like it much the same as the others – that’s not such good news either, and if I like it there a bit more – there is a chance that I’ll stay there longer, and that means more motivation to buy, and so, a chance of sales success. A professional, well thought-out film which matches the product perfectly is an investment worth considering. We live in an image-based culture, in which this kind of material often determines the positioning of the company that makes it. Our minds process images much quicker than text. We are used to them and allow them to influence us, taking on the emotions which the creator of the film chooses for us. If we don’t choose this route, our chances of progress get smaller, and others take our place. Sales is not the only aim of videos, however. They are also a way of building the shop’s image and, as mentioned above, a way of appreciating your client. Even if the client does not buy immediately, he or she will feel appreciated, and will be more likely to visit us than the competition. They will trust you and remember you in future, and that is a really significant achievement.

Product presentation spells sales success

Sales success depends on many different factors. Above all, aims should be clearly established and worked towards. What does this mean in practise? Primarily, wise, well thought-out decisions, which mean that we stand out from the competition in terms of professionalism and a comprehensive range of offers. Alongside a full description of the product or service, high quality product video provides a valuable source of knowledge for the viewer. It is a simple, interesting and attention grabbing way to present a particular solution. It builds awareness of the product and gives information about what it is used for and how. Thanks to this communication of knowledge, the client will have less doubts and can be confident that he or she will not have to look through dozens of pages of a complicated instruction manual after purchase. A video presentation is also an opportunity to gain new clients who come to your page by accident, when searching for information about a particular product online. Visual communication creates immediate intake of information. A comprehensive approach to familiarising the client with the product increases the chances of a sale.

animated explainer video

Showing a product’s functionality increases viewer engagement.

Product video – trend or necessity?

Let’s leave aside the predictions. The facts speak for themselves. Even during the development of television, it was predicted that the image would replace press and radio. This did not happen, but television did become part of our reality for good. Using video communication to present a product is the next stage in making use of the capabilities of contemporary technology. Each year, the amount of money spent on video material rises. More and more companies are recognizing the potential of video and its influence on sales. It isn’t easy – the material has to be adjusted to be appropriate for the client – but as it gets more popular, the quality of the images presented is improving. There is no one-size-fits-all approach which will work on every page. An informed consumer is a demanding consumer, and these are the people we most often come across online. If you reject his needs, you will just encourage him to shop with the competition. A pro-client approach is a long-term strategy which is not just about video, but video is an important element of it. It’s not just a trend, and it’s not a necessity, either. If you see making video as just a fashionable gimmick, it’s a convenient excuse for staying still. Standing still and blocking our own success does our competitors a favour and reduces our chances of success. On the other hand, seeing product video as a necessity is also not the point, because at the moment, it is something that can make your company stand out for the crowd, rather than fit in. And this is where its potential lies. The market is not saturated yet, so this is a very good moment to introduce this kind of material to your page

Video communication moves mountains. Use it!

A direct relationship with the client at the product presentation stage is a challenge. The basis for forming this kind of relationship is video material. It shows the shop in a better light, builds your brand and encourages people to share the information they have learned. It brings mutual benefits – the viewer learns valuable information, learns something new, and the company behind the film gains a potential customer’s interest. In practise, this isn’t that simple, but a professional approach and adjusting your message to the lifestyle, habits and expectations of your viewers engages them and …. brings rewards! It is no wonder that the market is very quickly adopting new standards, which – as overseas examples demonstrate – are revolutionising the concept of a product description. Let’s be honest, a visit to the average online shop is usually not an unforgettable experience. It won’t be unforgettable even with a product video, but this short piece of material is the opportunity to stand out from the packed crowd of your competitors and greatly increases the chances that your viewer will discover what you have to offer, and this in itself is a considerable success.