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Explainer Video – Business Animations

Videos have become an almost ideal marketing tool which lets you attract the attention of potential clients effectively. Promotional, image and corporate videos are all very popular, and not just with companies. You can also find more and more explainer videos, or business animations, on the internet – and they are getting ever more views. An explainer video can be used to present what a particular company does in an original and memorable way, to present products or services instead of a traditional advertisement, or they can be presentations prepared with popular office package applications. Explainer video can contain interactive elements.

Aims and quality

High quality explainer videos can be made with various aims in mind. It can help you present and explain the way a complicated solution works, and present reports, graphs or diagrams, all in a way that is accessible for the viewer and makes the information presented memorable. Creating an explainer video can have various aims, both internal and external - which means they are useful for employees and potential clients. However, it is important that the animation is created with great care. By choosing specialists in this area, you guarantee that the project will be created in the right way, and so will have the intended effect, whatever field it is being created for. It is important that explainer video material attracts attention and makes the company stand out among rival productions. A high quality explainer video will also contribute to a positive brand image and building prestige.

animated explainer video

An explainer video is an unconventional way to present a company, product, service or specific subject.

Producing business animations

Producing explainer video has many advantages, which means that these videos are becoming steadily more popular, and also that more and more companies from different fields are using them. Companies that decide to make explainer videos value an accessible message and originality. So-called business animations can contain all kinds of visual presentation styles which attract the attention of viewers. The aim of this kind of video can be the visual presentation of complex processes or issues, the presentation of a company, a profile of company activities, and more. An advantage of animation is that it presents a particular problem and its solution in an accessible way, and the right imagery will make it memorable for the viewer. It’s an ideal method, which allows you to present yourself as a business that chooses innovative solutions, which means that potential customers see your company as a contemporary organisation that values original and imaginative tools. This is the kind of company that people want to use the services of, valuing its innovation and use of modern technology.

Creating explainer video

Creating an explainer video demands commitment not only from the makers, but also from the client, who will need to establish the aims that the video should meet, and also – as much as possible – present the specifications of the project. Creating a business animation is made up of several stages. Above all, this involves preparing a script, which is usually preceded by a general discussion with the client. When writing a script, imagination can be given free reign. Nevertheless, this stage of the project should involve knowledge of the product, service, company profile, etc., and also of the field in which they operate. Knowledge of the needs of a particular market will also be advantageous when writing the script. Only when the script has been written and edited can the project move on to the next stages. These usually involve preparing outlines for each scene, and then illustrations which will be used when creating the explainer video itself. Finally, it is time to put the graphics into action. The animation can be enriched by appropriately adapted sound elements. Each of the elements used should be carefully chosen. The effect of this challenging and time-consuming work is an original and imaginative presentation which will reach its goals.

Explainer video for companies

Because of all the advantages that explainer video brings, this kind of production is chosen by companies from all areas of business. Above all, animations are a great marketing tool which can present a particular product or service, and also the company behind it. This kind of advertisement is far more effective than a press ad or billboard. It helps you reach your potential client simply and directly, not just via the medium you choose, but also through making it available on the most popular social media sites on the internet. This is how the animation can reach the widest audience of viewers. Creating business animations allows you to build up trust in your company, which will present itself as a serious business that makes use of the latest marketing tools. A potential client who sees the video will see the company that made it in a positive light. Explainer video, like corporate or promotional films, allow you to consciously build a positive company image and to keep working on it, which is something that has been highlighted by marketing and PR experts repeatedly.

A timely investment

Explainer video offers great benefits not only for the company who makes it, but also for the viewers, who much prefer audio-visual explanations of issues that are important to them, or for company profile presentations. Thanks to this kind of film, you can tell a story in an interesting and original way, choosing animation instead of text. Deciding to make a business animation is a great investment for a company, as it will not only present the company as a business which chooses modern communication methods and innovative solutions, but will also be beneficial for the company’s image on other levels. It’s worth remembering, though, that only professionally made animations will reach these goals. Explainer video, alongside promotional films, can work as an advertisement, which means that these films are an important element of video marketing. It’s a kind of promotion which is far more effective than other kinds of well-known and popular forms of advert (e.g. television or press), which surprise and interest the viewer less and less often (if ever).

animated explainer video

With the help of an explainer video one can show even very complicated issues or processes simply at a modest cost.

Who needs to make explainer videos?

Explainer video, alongside corporate, promotional and image films, are an important and above all contemporary marketing tool, so they should not be overlooked by companies who want to create their brand consciously, and so – build up their client base and boost profits. Thanks to explainer video you can present your company as a business who values innovation and modern communication methods which reach a wide audience. This is one of the reasons why explainer video is such an important tool. It is important that they are accessible for the viewer, and this involves writing a script, which is the basis for the whole complex project. Business animations are for all companies who want to show what they do in a fresh and original way, build up their prestige and reputation, and above all highlight the fact that they value modern solutions, even in the communication media they choose.

With potential clients in mind

The need to make explainer videos arose mainly because of the changing and growing demands of society. More and more people expect companies to adopt contemporary strategies, which will present the company’s profile, for example, or its solutions or services, in an original way. If the business animation meets the viewer’s expectations, there is a good chance that he will invest in the equipment offered by that company, or take up another of its offers. It’s worth emphasizing that explainer videos can be used in any line of business where modern communication methods are valued. Business animations are made with various goals in mind, and using them in your company brings a range of benefits. If the content is carefully, skilfully and professionally put together, it will attract the viewer’s attention, and create interest in the product, service or company profile being presented.

animated explainer video

The advantage of animation is its accessible format and innovativeness.

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Once you know how many advantages there are in using explainer video as a marketing tool, it is clearly worth investing in this kind of promotion. It is important, though, to choose specialists who will carry out the complex task with great care, meeting the expectations and needs of the customer. Choosing experts in the field of film-making (which includes explainer video) to meet your marketing and PR requirements will guarantee that you reach the goals you have set, and above all that you will have a high quality business animation, which these days, for most companies on currently on the market, is what makes them stand out from the competition as modern and forward-looking.