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Corporate animation pricing. What factors affect the cost of preparing an animated advertising film?

1. Length of animation

The longer the animation is, the more expensive it becomes.

2. 2D/3D animation

The cost of preparing an animation depends on the length and its level of complexity. As a rule, 3D animations are the most expensive to produce; 2D are cheaper. Animation in 3D requires not only a computer with greater calculating power but also a greater length of time is needed for production.

3. Number of animated scenes and figures

If an advertising animation is a fictional scene, very often the figures that appear in it are set in various places and situations. The number of scenes and figures influences the cost of animations. Advertising animations with a large number of different scenes and figures require much more work time by the graphic artist designing them, however, those with a lesser amount are less time-consuming and thus cheaper to produce.

4. Creativity

The level of complication and originality of the feature is a further element to be factored in to the cost. Original and complicated scenes require more hours of work time by the creative team. A simple idea is less work for the team, resulting in a lower cost.

Business animation price. What is the cost of producing advertising animations?

The cost is affected by several factors. Below are given approximate prices for selected animation types.

  • 300-500 Euros: simple animations of 15-20 seconds in length
  • 1000-1800 Euros: animations of approximately one minute in length
  • 2500-3500 Euros: animations of 2-3 minutes in length

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